BMI or Body Mass Index is one of the most popular measurements to know the ideal body weight. While the adult BMI calculator is available, finding the right BMI calculator for teenagers and children is a bit tough. Correct health information and knowledge about BMI will help you to maintain a healthier life.

It is important to be noted that, the BMI calculator meant for adults will not work for teens and kids. So, if you are looking for the right body mass index BMI for children and teens then, you are at the right place. To calculate BMI correctly, knowing the right weight and height of the individual is necessary.

Tracking BMI

Body mass index BMI is an important measurement that is used for the determination of the ideal weight for your children and teens. With the help of the BMI calculator, one can understand whether their children are underweight, overweight, or obese. For this reason, it is important to track a child’s BMI. BMI calculators are appropriate for children over 2 years old.

Therefore, starting when your child is 2 years old, the doctor will calculate the BMI during the routine checkups. As BMI changes with age and height, the doctors plot the measurements of the children such as height, weight, and age on the standard gender and age-specific growth charts. Over regular visits, the doctor will be able to track the growth pattern of your child.

BMI might not be a perfect measure of body fat, but it sure helps to determine if your child or teen is gaining weight too fast or too slow. This is also a great way to understand if your child or teen is going through any weight-related health problems. So, in case of any sudden change, you can consult the doctor for medical advice.

Child vs. Adult BMI calculator

As the children grow, the amount of body fat changes so the BMI for a child needs to be interpreted by their age. There are also gender differences. So, for the youth and children, the body mass index BMI is gender and age-specific. This signifies that age and gender is an important factor while calculating their BMI.

How BMI affects the health of teens and children?

You need to keep in mind that there is a fine difference between the body fat of an adult and a child. For example, the body fat requirement of 2 years old will not be as same as 20 years old. For calculating the BMI of 20 years old, the height and weight requirement is different from that of a child.

With the worldwide rising of obesity and health problems among kids and teens, it has become important to calculate BMI regularly. High BMI is related to Type 2 diabetes among most adults. Correct BMI for age helps to know the healthy weight of the individual. If you regulate a good lifestyle and calculate the right BMI according to your child’s weight, age and height then you can prevent this disease easily. During this pandemic, most people have become concerned about their lifestyle and looking out to maintain a healthy weight. And, honestly, this is true for adults, teens, and children with higher body fat.

Knowing the right BMI for age and gender

One of the easiest screening tools that quickly tell if someone is in the danger zone is the BMI calculator. For teens and children, the interpretation of BMI is gender and age-specific. This is why the weight and height ratio changes depending on the child’s gender. The percentile ranges show different weight statuses and categories.

Role of Gender in BMI

Unlike the adults, the BMI Age Percentile charts are used for the interpretation of the relative position of the teens or the kids of the same age and same gender. Male-female BMI for the child or teen will never be the same. It needs to be kept in mind that, female male both genders have different body requirements. So, note down the date month day year of your child. Then, get the correct age from the date month day year, and their height and weight for the right calculation of your child’s weight.

Weight categories for teens and kids

The standard formula to get the right BMI is weight ÷ (height x height) x 703. First, measure the weight of the child in pounds. Then, take the child’s height in inches. Once you have found out the person’s weight and height, use the formula to measure the BMI. Here, the child’s gender plays an important role so keep that in mind. Taking the right measurement is an essential part of this calculation process. A simple mistake in taking the feet inches or birth date can mess up the entire BMI calculation.

BMI for Age Percentiles Charts (6 to 18 years old)

Here is the Age Percentile Chart to find out the results BMI. According to the percentile chart, ≥97th Percentile is considered severely overweight, 90th to <97th Percentile is overweight, 5th to <90th Percentile is acceptable weight, 3rd to <5th Percentile is underweight and <3rd Percentile is severely underweight. Here, maintaining a normal BMI is highly recommended for children and teens.

Why BMI is important?

BMI does not only ensure a healthy body but it also notifies when a person is overweight and at the edge of developing diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. If you are using BMI for educational purposes, proper care should be taken while charting the birth date or measuring the height in feet inches. BMI tells every individual to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. It also helps us to take care of our health and eat a balanced diet.

If you find it difficult to take the measurement of your teens or child, consult a doctor. The doctor will help you find out the right information about BMI. The healthy growth of teens and children can be achieved by the regular monitoring of BMI.

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